Local Advocacy

San Francisco is one of the cities hardest hit by HIV/AIDS and has been an epicenter since the earliest days of the epidemic. Since it was first established in 1982, San Francisco AIDS Foundation has been committed to partnering with the city and county of San Francisco in adopting model policies to address HIV/AIDS. 

San Francisco AIDS Foundation works at the federal, state, and local levels to stop the spread of HIV, and to protect the health and human rights of people and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.

Federal Advocacy

San Francisco AIDS Foundation is one of the nation’s leading voices on national HIV-related policy issues. We are actively involved in the implementation of the first-ever National HIV/AIDS Strategy and the formulation of HIV/AIDS components of national health care reform legislation.

State Advocacy

Together with partners from throughout the state, San Francisco AIDS Foundation works to ensure that the governor and legislature provide state funding to augment federal support of essential HIV prevention and care efforts. The foundation sponsors and responds to state legislation that affects the health and civil rights of people living with or at risk for HIV and monitors state programs such as Medi-Cal to assure that an appropriate health safety net exists that meets the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.